Our Story


The origins of Anchorspace began in 2015 when our CEO/Founder Robert Ferrara had an idea for a unique retail development in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, AL. This was no ordinary retail development… as it was built entirely out of shipping containers. Not only that, but the development was to be a launching point for retail and startup businesses. In pursuing that goal, leases were defined with easy flexible terms that were setup with a one-year trial period followed by a longer-term aka A/B leasing model. 

The outpouring of support was incredible and the local community was especially on-board with the idea. Businesses both new and old flocked to the development and within 60 days, there were enough LOI's to fill every single available space. The only set back was the limited flexibility the local banks could have with the unprecedented leasing structure. They had no idea how to make the concept fit within their limited view of a business structure. After a long, hard battle, Robert could no longer continue to move forward with the project.

“I felt I let everyone down. I had lost my project baby, but I felt even worse for the small businesses that were depending on the project to help launch their business in a new direction.  I lost my direction, became disenchanted, and bounced around.”

However, things changed in 2017. Robert had the opportunity to brainstorm with a local entrepreneur about the struggles of leasing owned space. “I could feel my true passion returning: helping entrepreneurs and business owners. The idea of Anchorspace came from trying to find a way to help startups, online brands, and entrepreneurs find space on their terms. My journey is just starting with Anchorspace, but I believe there is a bright future ahead as we kick off the year with Velocity Accelerator at Innovation Depot in Birmingham.”

Our mission is to build intuitive data driven products that helps make the leasing process efficient, transparent, and open for all participants. We hope to facilitate and expedite the entire leasing process directly over a web and eventually mobile platform.