"Hope and Pray"

This past week we started a non-scientific survey of commercial leasing brokers about their biggest pain points with the leasing process. It was roughly 10-15 questions, with the idea that it could be completed in about 5 minutes. One of the questions I asked, was for them to rank their most important ways to attract leads to listings; I included the usual suspects "word of mouth", "social media", etc. As a way to have a little fun with it, I also included "Hope and Pray". 

I assumed that one person (there's always that one) might click "Hope and Pray" as their most important. Surprisingly, over 45% of respondents listed "Hope and Pray" as one of their most important ways to attract leads. In fact, it tied "Word of Mouth" for the top spot. Now don't get me wrong, I know rebellions are built on hope, (and I am a fan of prayer myself), but to put that as your most important way to attract leads... as the most important way to build your business... especially in a world that is driven by data and has algorithms that can predict which ads you see based on user activity... is unacceptable. You're telling me that in CRE, we are still stuck with "Hope and Prayer" and "Word of Mouth" as our best ways to lease commercial property?

Either I just completely validated my market or I'm missing something here, I'm thinking it's the former.

If you are a CRE leasing professional, please complete this survey and let me know your thoughts: https://goo.gl/forms/5xiX9Q08SuMy35su1